We eliminate the high starch and high sugar carbohydrate sources and replace them with KETO friendly sustitutes. Here is a list of a few of the foods we use to make your meal KETO while at the same time flavorful and healthy: Cauliflower rice, broccoli rice, beet rice, squash noodles, baked radishes for radish rice (tase just like a potato), organic farm fresh seasonal vegetables as well. 

Then we increase the GOOD fat in the meal to KETO Levels, but a again doing  so without compromising your health, we increase the organic oils like avocado, coconut and grapeseed oils. 

**Most Importantly we weight every single ingredient and meal to give you the science behind the meals.


Our Vegan Meals work hand in hand with the way we like to design our other meals. Keeping them high protein without adding a ton of processed soy and textured wheats. We like to make our meatless meat from pea protein and vegetable fibers along with other gluten free and soy free Vegan ingredients. Even the Dairy Free cheeses we use are soy free and gluten free. We always like to use Organic and Non-GMO ingredients in every Vegan meal.